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 Uploading FAQ's

I see a directory listing of my files when I go to my website.  What does this mean?

In order to work, you need to rename your homepage "index.html", all lowercase, and with the extension "html".

I just uploaded my new site and I still see my old one.  What gives?·

The first solution is to click on the "REFRESH" button in your browser.  If this does not work, then check your cache.

Newer web browsers "cache" (store locally) information on your hard drive, so when frequently visited sites are visited, the graphics and text do not have to be redownloaded. Sometimes, when pages change, the browser still looks at the old cached pages.

  • To clear this cache in Internet Explorer, go to Tools => Internet options, and click on the delete files button
  • When it is done, click "OK" twice, and refresh your page in your browser.

I can't access the Access database that I uploaded.

Access databases require a DSN (data source name), which is a feature of an NT server. While most of our servers are UNIX based, we do offer excellent NT Hosting packages at competitive rates. For more information on NT hosting, click here.

My ASP Pages don't work.  Why not?

ASP pages require NT servers. While most of our servers are UNIX based, we do offer excellent NT Hosting packages at competitive rates. For more information on NT hosting, click here.

My CGI Script won't run.  How do I make it work?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure that your CGI scripts are uploaded into the /www/cgi-local directory.
  • Make sure that your HTML document that calls up the script is correctly written.
  • If you try these two options and are still unable to use your script, please send a detailed message to customer support including the following:
    • Provide us with a describe the problem
    • Provide us with the exact error message you are receiving.
    • Provide us with the location URL of the page that is not working.

I uploaded my site and your coming soon page still shows up.  Why?

There are a few reasons this may have happened:

  • Please make sure that you have uploaded your page to the correct directory.
  • All of your html and image files should be uploaded to the /httpdocs directory.
  • You will have to set your ftp program to upload the files to that specific directory.  Specific instructions on accomplishing that task are available by clicking one of the following links:

         Click here for instructions on using Cute FTP
         Click here for instructions on using WS FTP

  • If your files are in the correct directory, make sure that your homepage is named "index.html". Once that is done, you will overwrite our coming soon page. Files named "index.htm" will be ignored by the server.

When publishing my site, an error is received that says "illegal name" and file transfer is automatically aborted.

For the sake of efficiency, our servers do not allow spaces in filenames. Double-check your files (including pictures and HTML documents) and rename the files accordingly. Additionally, inappropriate files which do not apply will be rejected, such as Microsoft PowerPoint files, etc.

I am unable to use telnet or ssh to connect to my site. What's wrong?

For your protection and the security of all our customers, telnet and SSH have been disabled on our servers. If you need something done that requires a telnet or SSH connection, please contact and we will be happy to assist you.

I need to create .htaccess and htpasswd files to restrict access to parts of my site. Since telnet and SSH are disabled, what can I do? 

Right now we are working on a control panel applet for editing and placing such files. In the mean time, you are free to send your modified files with instructions to .

I need certain file permissions changed, but I am not allowed to do so. What do I do? 

For your protection, there are some things which we prefer to personally assist you with. Feel free to contact with your needs, and we will gladly take care of you.

Help me, my site has disappeared!

Don't panic, we are here to help! There are a number of possibilities that may resolve this problem.

  • The most common reason this happens is because your domain needs to be paid for at network solutions. This can be taken care of by credit card at
  • Another possibility is that your internet connection needs to be re-established.  Check your dial up connection for errors.  If neither of these answers your problem, then it is likely that the problem is with us. Feel free to contact, and we can take care of your problem with the speed of Allah.

When I am trying to view or work with my site, I get an error that says "Internal Server Error" or  "HTTP 500 error". What's wrong?

When you receive this error, this means that there are problems on our servers. Please send us an email with "URGENT" in the subject line along with your domain name to, and we promise swift action to fix the problem immediately. Web Hosting
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